The Journey Inward

What is the Journey Inward? It might be described as learning to follow Jesus from “The Inside-Out.” We believe that in the context of all we are called to be and do, the Journey Inward forms the foundation for everything. The Journey Inward is the practice of the presence of God in every aspect of our lives. It is the eternal quest of allowing God to shape and form our soul, our being. To that end, our Journey Inward includes:

Worship begins with our worship of God. We gather every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. for rich, vibrant worship. Singing and celebrating, sharing our joys and concerns, verbal prayer and silent prayer, and listening for and internalizing the Word of God. Corporate worship puts God at the forefront of our being, and thus restores our perspective, our priorities, and our gratitude. We also seek to live out a practice of daily worship. We strongly encourage our faith community to engage God on a daily basis, through prayer, meditation, silence, and the reading of the scriptures. We have many musicians and singers in our church, and we are deeply grateful that Covenant is such a music-filled community.

Infants and Toddlers (through 36 mos) are welcome with you in our Sanctuary at all times! For your comfort, our nursery is set aside on the main level for you to care for your young child’s needs at any time during your visit, and caregivers there would also love to care for your child while you attend worship and small groups.

We embrace learning as a life-long call. Learning at Covenant begins at an early age, with our Children In Worship Ministry.

Three to Six Year Olds
Our 3 to 6 year olds are always welcome with you in worship!  Please feel free to seat your family toward the front of the sanctuary so that your young children can see what is going on.  Following morning announcements, all young children are invited to the front for singing and a blessing from our pastor. A short while later, your child is welcome to join the fun in our lower level for age-appropriate activities, facilitated by Early Childhood Specialists.  If this is your first time visiting, please come along with your child to meet the staff and introduce your child.  We will ask for a cell phone number, which we can use to contact you if your child needs you when you return to worship. This program is available year-round.

Elementary Children
Elementary children participate in our worship celebration until the “Prayers of the People,” after which they are invited to meet in our lower level for stories and worship activities until 12:30 p.m.  This program is offered throughout the school year every Sunday, except for the first Sunday of the month (Communion Sunday) and some holidays.

Youth Ministry begins for our sixth graders, and continues through high school. Our youth meet on a weekly basis, on Sunday mornings, and plan and participate in many other events on their own Journey Inward and Journey Outward. A very clear highlight of youth ministry faith experience is the mission trips they plan on a yearly basis. Destinations have included New York City, Kentucky, West Virginia, Toronto, and Native-American faith communities in south Dakota.

Adult Education
Adult Education takes place on Sunday mornings, and usually includes one or two opportunities for learning together.  We’ll often be watching a video series, studying a book, or participating in bible study together. There are also bible study groups that meet during the week.

Prayer has had an impact on our faith community that transcends words. We feel very clearly called to be a house of prayer, a community of people engaged in conversation with and presence to God in our every waking moment. We seek to be prayerfully present to God, to one another, and to our neighbor. We gratefully encourage our faith community to be engaged in prayer on a daily, set aside basis. We are called to enjoy learning about prayer together. We often meet during our education hour and during the week to discuss the various disciplines of prayer, including the prayer of intercession, the prayer of praise and thanksgiving, the prayer of silence, and the prayer of Lectio Divina, or the meditation on a short section of the Word of the Lord.