Hi! I’m Mei Ling Clemens. My husband, Don, and I came to Covenant in 2005. We were expecting our first child and looking for a Church for our new family to grow up in. We knew Rev. Mark and Miriam Bush and several of the congregation members from work before we visited Covenant. One thing that drew me closer to Covenant was how these people walked in their faith with open hearts and Grace. It’s a walk all of Covenant does during the best of times and during the worse of time with everyone. Don and I really walked with Covenant when we lost our 13 day old child, Elizabeth, born at 26 weeks. The Covenant Family (and yes, they are FAMILY) walked with us through our journey of grief and healing. Better times and joy did come as the whole Covenant Family got to welcome our twin boys, Nick & Nate, and then our darling little princess, Allison. Now our Clemens Family is growing….we all are growing in our journey inward and outward with Covenant! My journey has continued on to include helping out as the Sound Engineer and recording the sermons to post on Covenant’s Website. What a great blessing this has been for me to work with my Covenant Family and to help spread the our Lord’s word through the internet.

We began attending Covenant Community Church when we moved from New York City to Muskegon approximately twenty-five years ago. Throughout all this time, the church has been a great blessing to us. It is a grace-filled place which strives for diversity and inclusiveness. We have experienced much spiritual growth in the worship services and educational classes. In addition, we have been challenged to become involved in several of the church’s neighborhood ministries, which seek to address many of the needs right in our immediate area. For anyone seeking and inward and outward journey filled with adventure and challenge, Covenant Community Church is a great place to be!

We, Avis and Bill Boelkins, have been a part of Covenant Community Church, RCA, for 72 and 80 plus years, respectively. Our six children were led to follow Christ here by the faithful teaching of our pastors, church leaders, as well as the two of us. Through the years we have experienced changes and challenges in our community. However, the congregation adopted the motto, “In the city as one who serves”. that has seen us through the changes and drawn new members who also want to serve our Lord in Muskegon Heights. As we come to church on Sunday, we enter to worship and depart to serve.

Through the years, our pastors have led us on two spiritual journeys, The Journey Inward and The Journey Outward. The two of us have many friends, old and new, in the Covenant Family, as we call our congregation. These friends loved and encouraged us through the “detours” on our own journey as we experienced hard times. We all travel the road together, looking forward to our arrival at the gates of Heaven, and meeting our Lord and Savior. Amen and amen!